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As the Southern textile and yarn industry takes root during the late nineteenth century, the founders of Harriet _ Henderson Yarns, Inc. forged a unique philosophy of doing business in the yarn industry. It was built around a deep commitment to product quality and customer service. Our strategy is to be a high service, competitive cost producer of consistent quality sales yarns and to market products and services that will provide high value for our customers in the markets we choose. Harriet _ Henderson Yarns engineers cotton laydowns to meet the specifications of target end-use markets by focusing on providing yarns with consistent dyeability and performance at an optimal value for customers.

Mr. Marshall Y. Cooper, Jr., President states, "To be successful in any business, we believe that we provide something better than our competitors. In the future, if we could all produce the same quality yarn at the same price it will be our people who make the difference.

We prepare all of our associates to meet the challenges ahead by providing proper training and open communications which are important keys to our success. Teamwork is the vehicle that will transport us to our targeted destination. You need good people if you are to accomplish your goals and we have the Best!!"

Mr. Marshall Y. Cooper, Jr., President


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