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Yarn supplies

Yarn Supplies - Harriet _ Henderson Yarns, Inc. in Henderson, North Carolina
Harriet _ Henderson Yarns, Inc.

1895 -   The Henderson Cotton Mill was built for the purpose of  manufacture and sale of yarn supplies, cotton socks, finished goods, cloths, prints, warps, and merchandise made from the manufacture of cotton or other fibrous articles. Making yarn  from 8/1s to 24/1s. This provides year-round employment and stability in communities solely dependent on seasonal agricultural crops. D.Y. Cooper was the first President. It began operation in 1896 as a weave mill with 204 looms and supporting equipment of yarn supplies.
1901 -  Harriet No. 1 began operation with 48 spinning frames making yarn counts from 8/1s to 24/1s.
1909 -  Harriet No. 2 began operation with 48 spinning frames making yarn counts 8/1s to 24/1s.
1913 - Harriet No. 3 began operation with 48 spinning frames, spooling, and twisting. Later this mill was combined with Harriet No. 2.
1930 - During the Great Depression, all three mills were running at capacity.
1940 - It was reported in the "North Carolina - The Old North State and The New" by Archibald Henderson that Harriet _ Henderson Cotton Mills were the largest manufacturers of quality hosiery yarns in the world.
1950s - Harriet _ Henderson acquired Berryton Cotton Mill in Berryton, GA.
1956 - J-D Mill began operation producing over 2,000,000 lbs. of yarn annually. This mill received the first Open-End Spinning Frame with cone take-up in America.
1962 - Harriet _ Henderson Yarns Trucking was started.
1970 - Harriet _ Henderson entered into an extensive two-year research program in open-end spinning with N.C. State University becoming one of the first textile companies to do this research. 1973 - Harriet _ Henderson received the first open-end spinning frame for Research and Development. In conjunction with selected customers, the quality production from this machine proved so successful that additional frames were installed.
1988 _ 1989 - Harriet _ Henderson acquired two plants in Clarkton, NC bringing the total plants to seven and annual production of over 3.7 million pounds of yarn weekly.
1995 -   Harriet _ Henderson celebrates 100 years of excellence in yarn manufacturing. The Harriet No. 2 Plant and the Bladen Plant were completely re-modernized and equipped with the latest open-end technology and Link Spinning Technology in the World today and supported by the latest in opening equipment.
1997 -   The Henderson Plant saw the end of an era of all old technology ring spinning and was completely equipped with the latest in Link Spinning which completes existing Air Jet Spin equipment.
1998 -  Cedartown Plant will be completed in Cedartown, Georgia having state of the art OE Spinning, making 650,000 pounds of yarn per week.
1999 - In May of 1999, the Cedartown, GA plant opened.

We are proud of our history. It has provided a strong foundation of experience and a deep reservoir of confidence as we move forward to even greater levels of achievement. As in the past, our future success will be determined by our customer, the quality of our products, the efficiency with which we serve him, and the commitment we make in anticipating and responding to his needs.

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Late Breaking News! Yarn supplies

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