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In an era when textile-related industries are fleeing to Latin American countries in droves, a textile industry that has been a longtime major contributor to the economy of Bladen County—Harriet _ Henderson Yarns, yarn manufacturers, — has announced that it is expanding its Clarkton-based operation substantially.

The $20 million expansion will modernize the company’s plant—known as the Clarkton Plant—on NC 211 west of Clarkton, according to company President and Chairman of the Board Marshall Y. Cooper, Jr.  This expansion will bring about 60 new jobs to the workforce at the facility.  Cooper says the plant was initially upgraded about 12 years ago, shortly after the plant was purchased from Mt. Vernon Mills.  Harriet _ Henderson bought the two Clarkton plants in the mid to late-1980s.

yarn manufacturersCooper pointed out that the company’s other Clarkton plant, called the Bladen Plant, had already been upgraded about “3 or 4 years ago.”

The company will install state-of-the-art automated roving, spinning and winding equipment in two phases, Cooper said.  He expected the project to take about six months altogether.

“We will begin the first of two phases immediately and will start the next phase as soon as we are sure everything in the phase is operating properly,” Cooper said.  “It is a change in technology and we will have to get the bugs out before we start on the second phase.”

Cooper credited the cooperation of various public and private officials with making the expansion in the Clarkton area possible.

“This project would not have been possible without the cooperation of Carolina Power _ Light Co., the North Carolina Governor’s Incentive Fund, and the leadership of the Bladen Economic Development Commission and Bladen county officials,” Cooper said.

Cooper added that he is very excited about the expansion of new technology at this facility and looks forward to a long-term relationship at this location.  The products from the modernized facility in Clarkton will be used to service the hosiery, denim and outerwear markets, Cooper said.

Harriet _ Henderson, a leading manufacturer of sales yarns (does not produce end products from the yarn), has corporate offices in Henderson, NC.

This article if from the August 15, 2000, issue of The Bladen Journal, written by Jack McDuffie, Staff Writer.

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